Chemical Handling Compliance in the Supply Chain

ProductTraq has been developed from the ground up to track and support Regulatory Compliance in all types of chemical handling businesses, from SMEs to large multinational corporates by tracking products and components of products in the supply chain, specifically:

  • Track which products contain substances of concern
  • Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) of component substances necessary to ensure compliance with various global regulations including EU REACH tonnage bands
  • Store, share, and easily retrieve the vast array of documentation necessary in the supply of chemical materials in a way that aligns itself to the reality of a supply chain rather than the confines of a standard document management system.
  • Create questionnaires and make them available in a secure supplier portal as a robust method of collecting regulatory data from suppliers

All your compliance data - just two clicks away

A comprehensive supply chain record management solution for:

  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Article Manufacturers
  • Formulators
  • Distributors & Importers
  • Retailers
  • Only Representatives

It fits the gap in systems that many organizations are now acknowledging, between ERP and Sales systems which record items bought/sold, and SDS systems which both play a vital role in their respective specialized areas. ProductTraq enhances these systems to fulfil today's compliance challenges.

Developed by UK-based Baytouch Ltd using its extensive experience of delivering cloud-based regulatory compliance solutions, ProductTraq is designed to meet the needs of chemical handling businesses and organisations of all sizes.

What we offer

Cloud-based - supports most up-to-date browsers, low support overhead

Subscription-based - no upfront investment cost

Highly configurable - quick setup with minimal implementation time, saves money

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