ProductTraq Reporting

Create Configurable Report Templates for Powerful Substance Volume Tracking

In a complicated supply chain, where you may have several Legal Entities in your organisation that may supply each other, it is useful to be able to ascertain the tonnage of a certain Substance entering a certain market. Substance Volume Tracking reporting allows Report Templates to be created to answer such questions as:

  • How much of Substance x within all of our products have we imported into the EEA?
  • How much of component Substance x has our Legal Entity in, say, Turkey, exported to, say, Korea?
  • What raw materials have we purchased from, say, China?

Being able to create your own Report Templates to run as required provides you with a powerful tool to track your substance volumes.

Don't worry though - we will supply you with a few standard report templates to get you up and running with Substance Volume Reporting with ProductTraq

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The resulting report, showing only the supply chain elements you choose when defining various filters, can be displayed on screen or optionally exported to MS Excel.

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