Product Questionnaires

Issue Questionnaires and Collect Product Information Using ProductTraq's Supplier Portal

The EU REACH Regulation and other regulatory regimes require communication up and down the supply chain. This commonly involves emailing attachments to and from suppliers, with no control over whether information is complete or not and little in the way of process logic and field validation.

Companies need more than the ability to send out a simple "survey" using an online survey tool because the Supply Chain data being collected is often complex, may include attachments, and may take some time for the recipient to gather all the relevant information to complete the questionnaire.

Equally, the one-off campaign-type approach, as evidenced in low cost consumer survey tools, is not appropriate in many cases. For instance, you may have a new supplier that to survey or you are surveying a discrete set of products from a limited number of suppliers. With product portfolios constantly changing and regulation requirements updating, a more proactive, targeted and collaborative approach is necessary rather than a single function survey tool.

ProductTraq provides a portal so that external parties, such as suppliers, can be assigned a secure area in which to complete compliance questionnaires online.

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This is helpful to you as you can ensure all data is complete and see gaps in data, but also helpful to the supplier as they can see information they have previously submitted; the whole exercise is more collaborative and responsive.

The ProductTraq Questionnaire module provides the following functionality:

  • Create questionnaire templates and invite suppliers to complete the questionnaire online
  • Apply validation to questionnaires to ensure you get all the data you need
  • Provide a secure Supplier Portal - a conduit for information exchange - both parties can see information previously submitted
  • Suppliers can save their incomplete work in order to gather other information
  • Update questionnaire templates - ask suppliers for additional information, leaving existing information in situ
  • Maintain auditable records of information acquired
  • Search acquired information