What ProductTraq Does"/>

What ProductTraq Does

Tracks products through the supply chain

  • Define links between supply chain actors - Buy From - Sell To
  • Record tonnages - Products bought, manufactured, and sold
  • Track shipments down to batch level with expiry dates and differing pack sizes
  • Define affiliates, associated legal entities and sites within an organization’s structure so that their supply chain interactions can be captured and made sense of

Tracks inbound supplier and customer documentation and communications

  • Repository for inbound SDS, SVHC and Conflict Mineral declarations as well as C&L, RMM, and other information and emails
  • Emails can be sent directly from within ProductTraq, thereby keeping an audit trail of communications
  • Store documents, certificates, etc. in an easily retrievable format - sharable, searchable, check out/check in with version control
  • SDS distribution system

Reports on substances and helps identify where substances of concern are

  • Define products and their formulations and report on substances
  • Define minimum/maximum percentages of mixtures, polymers & articles - (Bill of Materials/Bill of Substances)
  • Substance Volume Tracking (SVT)
  • With ProductTraq's "components of" functionality, easily identify substances of concern across your product portfolio

Multiple reporting options

  • On screen layout optimized so all your data is "only 2 clicks away"
  • Flexible report generator with extensive filter options, to screen and to Excel spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Explore "what if" scenarios when estimating the impact of sales on volume thresholds
  • XML import and export for integration with other systems and databases
  • Export formulations to SDS packages
  • With ProductTraq's "components of" functionality, easily identify substances of concern across your product portfolio

Easy to use browser interface

  • Allows you to work with a single or multiple sites, and where your affiliate sites are easily identified in the supplier and DU lists with the other supply chain actors/external companies
  • Universal "Google-type" search box gets you to the records you need quickly, by CAS/ EC Number, Chemical or Commercial name, document name, by tag, etc.
  • Find anything to do with anything, iincluding searching within Microsoft Office documents and Adobe text PDFs
  • Supports most modern browsers including Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and similar.